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Michael J. Mestayer, A Professional Law Corporation

A meticulous litigator serving Louisiana and the Greater Gulf Region

Like the mighty river that flows past the windows of his law office, Michael J. Mestayer has served a multitude of individuals and industries in many states, always seeming to flow naturally back to Louisiana and the Gulf. But unlike the Mississippi, which is often derided as lazy or muddy, Michael Mestayer has distinguished himself through 40 years of diligent representation. He has built a reputation for clear, plain-spoken communication and unwavering professionalism. A scrupulous advocate, he’s well qualified to assist plaintiffs in the following areas:

Thorough litigation

In the legal field, aggressiveness is often an overrated quality. An attorney’s preparation going into trial or negotiations is vastly more important than his attitude. Has he mastered the intricate details of the case? Has he applied the most current, most germane legal authorities? Has he constructed a compelling narrative that is not only convincing, but viscerally affecting? The attorney who surmounts those challenges sets a firm course and navigates to success on behalf of his clients.

Congenial collaboration

Choosing a litigator is not a simple decision. Whether you are a plaintiff or an attorney who has counseled on an injury or maritime case trusting another person to argue the merits before an arbitrator, judge or jury is a major step. It helps to know the attorney you choose is approachable, amenable to your input and, above all, ethical. Michael Mestayer’s easy but deliberate style has calmed many anxious clients and allowed him to forge many lasting professional relationships.

Total professionalism

Lawyers must stay current with the law, but it is equally important to have a professional manner rooted in solid principles. Michael J. Mestayer takes a traditional approach to the law, which includes meticulous research, intensive preparation and the highest ethical standardsl earning him a perfect 5 out of 5 AV rating, indicating his peers rank him at the highest level of professional excellence.

A free consultation with a dedicated Louisiana litigator

Call Michael J. Mestayer at 504.522.7360 or contact him online to address your admiralty law, defective products or personal injury law needs.

Michael J. Mestayer, a Professional Legal Corporation, is located in New Orleans and serves clients throughout Louisiana and the larger Gulf Region.